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Kidney Pain Overview

A kidney is an important organ of our body. If your kidney will stop working your body will fill with waste products and extra water and this situation is called uremia. We must keep the kidney in the good condition. We use to suffer from kidney pain feeling it in our sides, groin, belly, and back. It is difficult to tolerate kidney pain. It has very harsh effects on the body. If a person is suffering from kidney pain then he or she is indulging in a critical situation. In such a situation he or she not only requires a medical cure but the moral support of his or her family members.

May I know about Kidney Pain?

If we are experiencing any discomfort near the kidney then that condition is called kidney pain. It is not the fact that kidney pain is associated with the kidney but it is displayed as a kind of disorder within the urinary system. 

It is that condition that is supposed to be handled with full care. Both doctor and patient should have a caring attitude in this regard. The medical department is using advanced technology and equipment for curing this disorder.

Kidney Pain’s Causes

To cure the pain in the kidney, it is necessary to know about its causes. If there is a problem in the ureters and bladder then we use to suffer from kidney pain as they are connected to our kidneys. Now it’s time to deal with the causes of kidney pain.

Kidney Cancer- 

  • Kidney cancer is also known as carcinoma and it begins in the kidneys. The type of kidney cancer to which young children are much more prone is called Wilms tumour. the cases of kidney cancer are increasing day by day.

Trauma or Injury-

  • Our kidneys get damaged physically due to the impact of blunt force trauma, contact sports, and accidents. If the urine gets passed from our body we use to observe that it consists of blood or if this blood is around the kidneys or the kidneys are leaking urine then that causes the pain in the kidney.

Polycystic Kidney Disease-

  • Within our kidney, when clusters of cysts, when there takes the development of clusters cysts, as a result of which the kidney gets enlarged which affects its functioning as the time is getting passed and this inherited disorder is called polycystic kidney disease.

Kidney Infection-

  • Our bodies use to suffer from several kinds of infection. There is a kind of infection which use to get caused due to bacteria and that infection is called a kidney infection. Its symptoms are chills, fever, vomiting, nausea, and back or side pain.

Ureteral stricture-

  • If the ureter gets narrowed then that condition is a ureteral stricture. On one or both sides, it used to occur. From the kidney to the bladder, the task of carrying urine is carried through tubes which we call ureteral

Ureteropelvic junction obstruction-

  • The location where we found our kidney gets attached to the ureter there we use to find the blockage and that condition is called ureteropelvic junction obstruction. Our groin or belly gets radiated due to flank pain caused due to this condition.

Vesicoureteral Reflux –

  • The flow of urine moves in a backward direction on the way from the bladder to the kidney or ureters and that is caused due to vesicoureteral reflux. Any person can suffer from this condition but it is a common effect used to find in young children and babies.

Urinary Retention-

  • If the bladder cannot be emptied then that condition is called urinary retention. We use to indulge in this condition in a sudden manner or with the passage of time at a slow pace.

Kidney stones-

  • Within our body, if the compounds or minerals are built up then that causes the formation of kidney stones. This stone can be of any size whether it can be small as sand’s grain or its size can be larger than pearl. Due to this kidney stone, our body can suffer from kidney pain.

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The treatment of the kidney pain is done as per the condition which is responsible for causing it. Doctors use to provide antibiotics if the patient is experiencing kidney pain. It comprises infections and their signs are observed through a urine test. By knowing the cause of kidney pain, the doctor use to go for the right treatment.

When To Call Doctor

The disorder of kidney pain is considered to be serious. It is necessary to get prevented it. Even it is necessary to minimize its effect and cure it as soon as possible. In such a situation, we should know the conditions when we have to call the doctors. These conditions have arrived when the patient is experiencing the following types of symptoms. 

  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Chills or fever
  • If the patient has a general feeling of sickness.
  • Within our pee, we use to find the appearance of solid material
  • An unusual and urgent requirement for pee used to get repeated.
  • Our pee is available with blood.
  • When our pee is experiencing pain.
  • When our pee is oddly coloured.


It is difficult to face the disorder of kidney pain but this disorder can be rooted by using high-tech medical facilities and treatment. Now the patient gets the surety of getting well if he or she is suffering from kidney pain.

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